Fully Automatic Cold Box Core Shooter

Key Features:

  • Machine Design available (a) Lower plate moving up/down. (b) Middle plate moving up/down.
  • To lift the core easily from core box, mechanical and hydraulic ejection system available.
  • No shooting bush, direct shooting in core box.
  • Operation cycle: fully automatic and manual mode available.
  • Touch screen (HMI) by default along with error subject inbuilt.
  • Easy programming language, User-friendly software with password security, Low maintenance.
  • SSR based heating system which saving 15% to 20% power consumption.
  • Precise gas generator.
  • Fully covered body for safety feature.

Optional Features:

  • Core removal extra attachment:
    Core box will come out from machine and eject the core for easy to operator.
  • Extra puller: This attachment useful to pull the loose piece from the core box operate by the cylinder so no need for operator to pull by hand.
  • Auto sand mixture. It helps to operator to make quality sand as per chemical composition by auto cycle.
  • Core box loading / unloading attachment.