Key Features

    • The NAVDIS Vertical Parting Line / Fully Automatic Shell Core Shooter has been Designed Incorporating more than 30 years of Experience in Manufacturing Shell Cores and Molds.
    • The NAVDIS Fully Automatic Shell Core Shooter has The Lowest Operation Cost both in Terms of Electricity Consumption and Productivity Resulting in the Most Cost Competitive Shell Cores.
    • Easy Programming Language, User-Friendly Software with Password Security, Low Maintenance.
    • SSR based Heating System Which Saving 15% to 20% Power Consumption.
    • All Parts are Manufactured after Due Consideration of Prolonged Working cycles in the Foundry, Resulting in Lowest Maintenance Costs.
    • The Simple and Ruggedly Designed Machine is very Easy to Repair, since most of the Components used are Standard Bought out items That are Available all Over the Country. Hence the Downtime Involved in Procuring Spare-Parts is Reduced.
    • Special Purpose Fully Automatic Shell Core Shooter Machines can also be Manufactured on Specific Request.
    • The machine is Fully Automatic with PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and color Touch Screen HMI (Human Machine Interface) Including fault Display. Screen size Available in 4.3", 7", 10" ,12" and 15". Manual Operating Cycle is also Provided.
    • NAVDIS is a Single Source for Shell Core Die Making, Simple to Complex tooling Including design, Fully Automatic Shell Core Shooter Machines.

    Opetional Features :

    • Extra Puller : This Attachment is Useful to Pull the Loose Piece from the Core Box, Operate by the Cylinder so no need for the Operator to Pull by hand.
    • Core Box Loading / Unloading Attachment.
    • Auto Cycle Control with Digital Temperature System / Digital Air Controlling System / Power Pack Oil over Heat Digital System.

    Hydraulic Feature :

    • Power Pack Capacity - 80 Ltrs.
    • Pump Capacity - 16 Ltrs.
    • Ind. Motor - 2HP
    • Heat Exchanger is Provided with Hydraulic Power Pack.